In an ever-changing world+, We power our clients to see through the chaos using data & combat extraordinary threats at a glance.

Institutions and Businesses need data to make the best decisions for safety, stability, and prosperity.

But too often, data that can be used to inform decisions is fragmented and locked in silos.

At DeepIntel ™ we build Software and Platforms that lets organizations integrate data, to empower decisions, and operations.

We build data fusion platforms for finding, integrating, managing, and securing any kind of data, at a massive scale. On top of these platforms, we layer applications for fully interactive, human-driven, machine-assisted analysis, we focus on.



The future is increasingly complex, and the information landscape is moving faster than ever.
To make decisions, institutions rely on diverse data coming from countless sources around the world.



Making sense of data at this scale is impossible through human capacity alone for the people on the front lines of our most important problems.



At DeepIntel ™ our mission is simple. We connect every aspect of the decision-making process with big data to enable faster, more accurate operations.

The Platform.

On the back-end, the DeepIntel ™ platform comprises a suite of capabilities for integrating many different data sources for secure, collaborative analysis.
The platform serves as an enterprise knowledgebase, containing the full record of an organization’s collective analysis.
DeepFind is a Data fusion tool for doing intelligence analysis and investigation on a profile e.g. company, person, name, hashtag, etc. across social media and websites. The data extracted from DeepFind could help in investigating profiles related to suspicious or malicious activities such as
  • - Terrorism.
  • - Espionage & Counterintelligence.
  • - Kidnappings.
  • - Spreading misinformation.
  • - Fraud.
  • - Cyberbullying
  • Cyber grooming
  • Cyberstalking.
DeepThreat automates the daily tasks of Threat Intelligence analysis internally without external resources' interaction. It analyzes, visualizes and structures sensitive files (Malware) or data by extracting features, artifacts and IoC using different modules. The output of those modules can be easily integrated in your research or SOC platforms.
DeepPot is a Customizable honeypots for monitoring network traffic, bots activities and usernamepassword credentials (DNS, HTTP Proxy, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, POP3, IMAP, STMP, RDP, VNC, SMB, SOCKS5, Redis, TELNET, Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL, Elastic and ldap).
DeepMalware is an Agile Sandbox for analyzing malware and execution behaviors. Customizable, Expandable, and can be quickly altered during the analysis iteration.
DeepURL Sandbox automates the daily task of analyzing URL or Domains internally without external resources' interaction. It contains a sandbox module that executes the target in an isolated environment (Customizable). The output from that environment is parsed and structured into useful categories. Some of those categories are visualized for better user experience. This product is scalable and can be integrated into your SOC.

We believe that privacy and security are fundamental tenets of a well-functioning society. From our founding, we have designed our software to protect data and preserve our shared values.
DeepIntel ™ allows sophisticated access control and audit logging infrastructure to drive collaboration without compromising security or privacy interests.
Our software provides highly granular access restrictions with subtle and flexible permissions, such as temporal and purpose-based limitations.


See how DeepIntel ™ is helping businesses & Organizations worldwide operate on intuition.

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